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What I Ate When I Ran Twelve Miles for the First Time (WIAW #82)

15 Aug

Oh hey there! I do a lot of What I Ate Wednesdays. I wasn’t going to bother this week, until I realized that I was running 12 miles on Sunday for my half marathon training, and I figured why not do a 12 mile run WIAW. Otherwise known as WIAWIR12MFTFT. Catchy!

I tried to get a lot of calories in me before the run. We started out at around 5pm. So I had the whole day in front of me! Or I did, until we decided not to wake up until around 11:30-ish.

Oh well. Long run day breakfast is pretty much always oatmeal.

I cook my oatmeal funny. I add lots of liquid to it! For each serving of oats I add 1 cup water and 1 cup almond milk. Plus a little sweetener and cinnamon. Also usually some ground flax seed, but in my sleep overdosed state I forgot it. Then I cook it for a real long time! Then it gets glomped in a bowl and things get added to it before it is eaten. BAM! RECIPE!

I added a tablespoon of my homemade almond butter and some maple syrup. So good. Not pictured is the nectarine I also ate with it.

I can’t eat real close to running time, so I made some lunch around 3:30-ish. Paul’s parents had been here the day before so we had sandwich fixings. I don’t usually eat sandwiches. I love them, but I always feel like I finish them too quickly. I’m all about having a huge plate full of food. Salads are better that way. Anyway, I had some veggie turkey and my home pickled sweet pickles and lettuce on a lavash with veggies (the tomatoes are from Paul’s parent’s garden!) and hummus. Good stuff.

As the run came closer, I had to get our stuff together. Camelbaks, Gus, and a sodium shot. What’s a sodium shot? It’s awesome, I’ll tell you that. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to them at some point.

I’m surprised you can’t see the stink lines coming off of my camelbak, actually. I am not dainty. It’s since been washed, though!

I only went through one of the Gus on the twelve mile run. What a run, too. As soon as we left the house, it started pouring, with thunder in the distance. We waited ten minutes, and it looked like it was letting up so Paul was like, “hey let’s just go.” So we did, and it started pouring again! For the first mile and a half or so. Then it lightened up some. And there was a rainbow! It was awesome! Awesome except for my soggy feet. Twelve miles in waterlogged socks. Imagine the blisters. Okay, now imagine more of them. Ugh.

Anyway, we made it! And I came back inside and was ravenous. Which is weird, because my long runs have been leaving me nauseated for hours up until now. It looks like my stomach is getting used to long distance running! Go stomach!

This is stuff that I ate before my shower. Honey roasted peanuts, a crumpet, and some maple kettle corn. Oh and water!

Shower and stretch before dinner time. Dinner was easy, pita pizzas! With veggie pepperoni, spinach, and vegan cheese. Pretty yummy!

Once dinner was over, I still had about 1400 calories left to eat for the day. Crazy! So Paul and I went to Walmart (the only thing open late in New Hampshire) like a couple of stoners on a mission. Junk food! We actually wanted to get decadent tofutti ice cream bars, but Walmart… you know. So, cookies and candies it was!

Disclaimer: we didn’t eat all this. Actually, we didn’t touch the chocolate and Paul brought most of it into work the next day for the vultures to eat. But it felt good to buy a bunch of junk food.

Before bed we also shared a bottle of cider. Mmm, cider.

So yup, that’s what I eat when I run twelve miles.

See what other people eat here!:


What I Ate Wednesday – Cool Slaw Edition!

25 Jul

Hey Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This is what I ate yesterday!  Happy What I Ate Tuesday!

My food was not all that exciting on Tuesday, but it was pretty tasty.  I started work at 8 instead of my usual 9am start, since I was quitting earlier to go to a doctor appointment. I woke up and scarfed down some Ezekiel toast with chunky natural peanut butter and a smoothie made with mixed tropical fruits, plain unsweetened almond milk, vanilla brown rice protein powder, and stevia. Good stuff!

Around midmorning I got really sleepy and not so great feeling. I sort of moped around for a while until lunchtime.

Guess what? I ate a salad! Yep, I always eat a salad. This one had lots of veggies, edamame, and red pepper hummus. I picked up a random tub of hummus at the not-so-great grocery store across the street and I think I might throw it out. Not so great.

I went to my doctor appointment and didn’t really think I’d be out long. But I ended up sitting in the waiting room for a long time, which was no big deal. Like three ladies were in labor. I wasn’t in labor. I can wait!

When I got home though, I was hungry. I had a run coming up, albeit a short one, so I had some fruit to try to keep my belly calm. Nectarines are so good!

I forgot to take a picture of my pre-run coconut date roll. Whoops!

Paul and I ran our short three miles at around 7. I felt like I was working way harder for the speed I was going at. But it was super windy and wind makes me breathe funny. We both felt, well, winded when we were done. But we got it done and that’s what counts! Tonight is five miles. Whoop whoop.

After watering/fertilizing the garden, we came in to make dinner. I had this idea that portobello mushrooms and guacamole would go together well, and Paul wanted cool slaw. I hadn’t made cool slaw in a while, so we both got what we were craving!

So we grilled portobellos, sliced them and ate them in pitas with guacamole, lettuce and tomato. Yum! The cool slaw was awesome both on the side, and tucked inside the pitas Baha-style. You might be wondering what cool slaw is. Well, it’s only the most awesome low-fat vegan coleslaw recipe around. It’s Cool Slaw!

Cool Slaw
adapted from Appetite for Reduction

1/4 cup raw almonds, soaked at least one hour
1/2 cup water
2 Tbsp. chopped shallots
5 tsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. dijon mustard
1 tsp. agave nectar
1/2 tsp. sea salt
fresh ground black pepper
2-4 Tbsp. reduced fat Vegenaise, to taste
1lb. packaged cole slaw mix or shredded cabbage

Add the drained cashews, water, shallots, vinegar, mustard, agave nectar, salt and pepper to a blender. Blend on high until the mixture is smooth, scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula if needed.

Combine the coleslaw mix or cabbage to a bowl, and add the dressing from your blender. Mix well to combine. Add Vegenaise to taste.

So good! I like the recipe without the Vegenaise, but with it is a whole ‘nother level. But I put Vegenaise on lots of things, so. Blush.

So there we go. I capped the night off with a skinny person beer.

What I Ate Wednesday

18 Jul

Hey!  I’ve always liked going through random What I Ate Wednesday posts, so I thought I’d get in on the fun!

It hurts my brain a little that What I Ate Wednesday is not always things that people ate on Wednesday, blogged about on Wednesday, but rather things that people ate one day of the week, posted on Wednesday.

I get it, I get it.  Anyway, here is what I ate on Wednesday!

Food AND Fitness this month?  Well you don’t say!  Those are my favorite things!

My breakfasts rarely change.  They usually include a smoothie.  Here are today’s ingredients:

Yup, pretty simple.  I love my Nutribiotic protein powder.  I’m curious about Sun Warrior, though, so I might try that when this tub is finished.

So here’s my breakfast:

Smoothie and a small bowl of Kashi Go Lean with frozen blueberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I’d rather be eating some sugary kids cereal, but you know.  Health!  Go Lean is actually pretty tasty.  And my breakfast water!  Water before coffee!

So I have a confession to make.  I don’t drink much coffee anymore.  I had surgery back in March, and I cut out caffeine and lots of other things to keep my post-op swelling down.  Since then, coffee just isn’t much of a thing.  But I went back to drinking a cup a day.  So, it may be gross, but I brew half a pot on one day, but it takes me two days to drink it.  Old coffee, is that gross?  It still tastes good to me:

I had an apple as a snack a little later.  I try to only snack on fruits if I get hungry between meals.  I almost forgot to snap a picture!

Lunchtime!  I usually have a salad for lunch.  My salads are INTENSE.  I’m actually running low on veggies at the moment, but I made do.  I topped it with dry-fried tofu (the BEST way to make tofu) that I had covered in a little bit of barbecue sauce, and two kinds of hummus.  Lentil and black bean!  And I had a glass of diet arnold palmer.  Yep, my life rocks.

Fruit Snack!

No, I didn’t eat a bag of Gushers.  Just a plate of delicious fruit.  Nectarine, pineapple (I opened a can just for the juice to use in a recipe last night, so we’re working our way through pineapple rings), kiwi and strawberries.  It was sad to leave the other fruits off of my plate.  Too many fruits!

As for the fitness, today was a longer short day – 4 miles!  Yesterday we had our planned short three miles, but the skies opened up and we worked on our sprinting to get back to the house.  So we only got two miles done.  But!  The first mile was my fastest continuous (not speed work) mile ever!  Whoop whoop.

Today, however, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had a crummy day at work and all I wanted to do was roll around on the couch doing the woe is me type deal.  But I did get out and run four miles.  Not my fastest time ever, but not my slowest either.

Coming back into the house, all we wanted to do was scarf down the dinner I had made.  Paul had a work meeting all day with a catered lunch and didn’t get any veggies.  So he requested salads.  I already had my salad for the day, but another one wasn’t going to hurt me.  I had made a vegan crustless quiche (with homemade vegan sausage!) earlier in the day, and I was really craving one of the two egg rolls left in the fridge.  What a weird dinner.  The quiche was awesome, though, and I will post more about it later.

In our hungriness, all I got was this lousy photo:

And to end out the day, I bought presale tickets to see The Afghan Whigs at the House of Blues in Boston in September.  It’s sixteen days after I have my second and last surgery for the year, so I hope I’m up to it.  Ohh dear, Greg Dulli.

That’s my day!  What I Ate Wednesday is exhausting!