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1 Nov

Hooray! Yesterday was Halloween! And today I am sad because I have to wait a whole year for it to happen again.

We started our celebrations early by heading to Rochester last weekend to visit friends and have fun. It was great! We got to hang out with friends, sleep in (!!!!!!), go to a museum, eat sorbet/frozen yogurt with ENDLESS TOPPINGS, and drink lots of cider with whiskey.

Before we left on our journey, I made a tasty dinner:


This is yet another meal from Appetite for Reduction, Unfried Fried Rice and Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin-Mustard Tofu.  I’ve made the tofu before, and it is one of my favorite things.  The rice was new.  It came out perfect!  I cooked the rice earlier in the day so it had some time to cool down before I unfried it, and it was wonderful.  To bulk it up a little, I added some steamed carrots and butternut squash cubes.  The butternut squash was a random thing and I wasn’t sure how it would taste.  It worked, though!  It gave a little bit of sweet, and the added sriracha added heat.  So good.

We were back in New Hampshire for real Halloween, and I celebrated during the day by doing a Zombies, Run! mission on my lunch break.  I had sore legs from weight training the day before, but I managed to evade the zombies anyway.

Paul and I both had crummy days at work, so I wasn’t sure we wanted to do anything for Halloween night.  But we managed to put our grumps away for a while, and headed out to Portsmouth.  It was our first time there, but I had heard that they know how to do Halloween right.  And they do!  There was a Halloween parade going on, but we missed most of it.  No worries, though, we had other plans.

We headed for a quick bite to eat at The Friendly Toast, a diner-style restaurant that my friend Colleen had raved about.  They have a decent selection of vegan-friendly foods, good beers available, and the most wonderful, kitschy decor.  It wasn’t very crowded, thanks to people being too busy cavorting in the streets, so our food came quickly.  We both had the Vegan Valhalla – a burrito filled with brown rice, portobello mushrooms, and tofu.  I had mine with home fries, which I was so glad to hear were not cooked using butter!  Yay!  Paul had sweet potato fries, and they were fantastic.

It was also nice that they had soy milk for the coffee.  Yeah, it’s such a small thing.  But Concord seems to not know that soy milk or any non-dairy milk drink is a thing.

Anyway, our main plan for the night was to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the Portsmouth Music Hall Loft.  One of my favorite movies, and one Paul had never seen before.  The crowd was small and full of friendly people, and they had special cocktails available for the night (you can even bring them right into the theater – holy crap I love this place!)

We both had a drink called the Massacre:


It was made of vodka, tequila, and ginger ale.  Whaaaat?  Tequila and ginger ale?  I know ginger ale (or beer) goes well with a lot of liquors, but I’d never tried it with tequila.  And well, it worked.  Now, to make them at home.

We had a lot of fun at the movie, people were really into it and I left feeling happier than I have in a while.  Thanks, Portsmouth!


The Salty Chihuahua

25 Apr


I used to think mixed drinks were just for girly girls and people that don’t know good beer. But then I realized that making mixed drinks is really, really fun. I have aspirations to take a bartending course and be a part time bartender. It might happen someday. Until then, I just like to hone my skills and share drinks with my friends.

So Lost was new last night. So I had a couple of people over to watch it on my super awesome 13″ television.

And I made drinks. I made Salty Chihuahuas!

I made each one individually, but really this drink is good for making a big pitcher and just pouring into your glass when you want some. Tequila is good for summertime, and this is a super summertime drink. Salt is good for tequila, and grapefruit and Cointreau are just plain good.

So, for each drink, take an old-fashioned glass and rub the rim with a bit of grapefruit. You could also use cocktail glasses or even big tumblers (and make it a double!). Coat the rim of the glass is coarse salt and let it dry.

Put ice in all the glasses. Pour 1/2 oz. Cointreau and 1 oz. tequila into each glass. Add grapefruit juice to fill, and mix. Garnish it with a bit of grapefruit and drinky-drink!

I used a bottled grapefruit juice because I wanted a little more sweet than tart. But if you’re feeling fancy, juice yourself up some grapefruits.

As a plus, one of these drinks gives you more than your daily recommended amount of vitamin C!

Another plus – having a bottle of Cointreau on hand is good for things other than drinks. It makes a nice orange flavored icing.

Good drinks, and a good episode of Lost. They definitely made the lollerific parts of the show even better.

– Ellen