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Vegan Corn Chowder

13 Aug

It’s the middle of August, and it’s starting to feel like the end of September.  Mix that with daily rains/thunderstorms/generally miserable weather and you’ve got a perfect time for soup.  You’ve also got global warming, but that’s just a myth, right?  Riiiight.

Anyway, soup!

I had the best corn chowder ever in Quincy Market, but I don’t even want to know how much cream went into it.  But it was so great.  I haven’t made a creamy soup since giving up dairy products, so I’ve been a little suspicious of how it might come out.  But Bret and I were looking through his copy of Vegan with a Vengeance and saw a recipe for corn chowder.  So I had to make it.

Holy cow, what an awesome soup.  It calls for a mix of spices that I wasn’t sure would go well together, but they did.  It’s a spicy soup, if you don’t like spicy so much you might want to go with one jalapeno instead of two.  I might have been a little heavy on the cayenne, too.  But it’s just another reason to get this cookbook and hug it and sleep with it and make the recipes in it.


– Ellen


Breaded Tofu, Refried Beans, and Corn

27 May

Remember when I used to post to a food blog? That was pretty cool. Well, here’s what happened. i turned into a broke person, and so I haven’t really been doing a lot of noteworthy cooking. Mostly I just take some dry pasta in my cupboard, mix it with some tomato sauce, and eat it. Oh and remember how I used to post every week about whatever I ate at Brenna and Lydia’s? I haven’t been over there in awhile. So what I’m saying is I didn’t have a whole lot to post about. That will change soon. Ellen’s visiting again this weekend and we’ll probably go out to eat and cook and maybe I’ll get to fall asleep on her knees again.

Tonight Bob and Kat invited me to the upstairs apartment for food and they breaded some tofu for me and made other vegetarian type things! It was an interesting assortment but totally tasty and appreciated, and it beats the crap out of pasta and tomato sauce for the fifth time this week.

That red squirty stuff is some kind of chili and garlic sauce they had. Also there was sweet corn and refried beans that Bob had seasoned with cajun seasoning. Anyways the dinner was super-appreciated. And expect more of me cooking things in a week or so when I get paid!

Grill Day at Work!

19 Apr

So I got transitioned to a new position at work. While that whole thing was kind of a sucky mess, my new team is cool and also I’ve been introduced to a new tradition: Food Friday! Since this is the first week that it’s actually felt like spring, everyone brought in something to grill outside. There was a bunch of meat stuff, but there was also tons of vegetables and some fruit. I think the fact that there’s a licensed dietitian on the team might have had something to do with it.

Though the irony here is that I ate this wonderful picnic-day food inside at my cubicle. The fluorescent lights made it look not the most appealing. Sorry! But it was good. My sad contributions are the fruit salad and macaroni salad that I got at Topps, but hey, that’s what they asked me to bring and as the new guy on the team I know better than to make any waves.


The corn on the cob looms large in the photograph, as it should! It was sooo sweet and good. Sweet corn season is going to take my mouth by storm. Mmm. Though have you ever had a baked potato on a wood chip grill? It tasted all smokey.

Veggies and other things.

The veggie pack was assembled by JS. He marinaded it in a dressing of some sort, wrapped it in foil, and then threw it on the grill. Badass! My dad used to do it all the time.

I thought that the warm weather would mean I would lose weight and get all active, but all this food is turning me into a total chub. On the plus side, I’ve started running a mile and a half every day again. Soon, 3 mile runs!