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Vegan Macaroni and Sheez

30 Dec

Hey two posts in a day. I’m trying to clear out my backlog of entries I wanted to make before the New Year, though. Ellen and I are talking about getting on some kind of consistent schedule since we are definitely making good food (last night was Tofurkey roast and I had an adventure making my own pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes and etc. etc.) and I’d like to do it with this New Year. We’re making some snacks for a New Year’s Eve party so maybe it’ll be about that. And then I go away for a week to meditate but I’ll be back.

But hey what does that have to do with vegan mac and sheez? Okay, so I have this book called The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook that my original vegan mentor recommended to me a long time back. I made one recipe out of it that was pretty crappy and never looked at it afterwards. Well a little while ago Ellen picked it up and flipped through it and started talking about how awesome it was. She was right. It’s awesome. So I decided to try out the mac and not really cheese recipe. Okay, first of all, it’s really really rich and fatty. Second, it’s pretty dang tasty. I didn’t get any pictures of it in a bowl but check this out. That on top is not cheese. It was good. But yeah, it’ll be 2010 before I make it again.




Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

1 Oct

I made vegan shepherd’s pie once a year or two ago and I liked it, so I decided to make it again. I’m pretty sure I used a different recipe this time because the last one called for quite a lot of tarragon. This one was simpler and pretty tasty.

The one tricky bit is finding some vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, which is why I made Ellen do it. There’s a few brands out there though. I can’t remember which one we used, and there was another brand that was Anne’s or Annie’s or something. Anyway, I’m glad it exists.

The recipe I used is here on Vegancooking. I might someday make my own recipe but this one was tasty. And, I’m not gonna lie, better than the tarragon one I made awhile back. Tarragon is that friend that I’ll chat and e-mail with, but everytime he hints at wanting to come over to my house for a party I find a way to change the subject.

The end.