Can you eat… butter?

8 Nov

Oh man, so the longer it goes without being exposed to dairy products (although I did get some cross-contamination at a restaurant two weeks ago and felt bad for 24 hours or so), the more I start to feel like I’m crazy and I’m probably not actually allergic.  But then I remember that I was tested for the allergy so it is actually a real thing, and I remember how sick I was for years not knowing what was wrong with me.

I suppose this has to be a normal feeling.  I was talking to my mom the other night about Thanksgiving foods.  She wanted to try some new recipes and I am all for that.  But as she was reading through recipes she said to me, “so, can you eat butter?”  And I had to explain that no, I can’t eat butter, but there are butter alternatives that we could use.  She went back to looking and then said, “Well, can you eat ricotta cheese?”  “No… no ricotta cheese either.”

And I wasn’t mad, definitely not mad.  I was more sheepish.  I felt bad, like my allergy was an inconvenience or that I’m just a big drama queen making things up so people pay attention to me and my dairy allergy.

But then I remember all the bad times I had and how much better I feel now.  And I know I’m not crazy and not making it up.  Do other people with food allergies feel this way?

In other news, my mom is so cute.  On election night, I was about ready to go to bed at 11pm, as Paul and I were sure it was a done deal and that we weren’t going to wake up in a nightmare scenario where Mitt Romney was elected president, I got a Facebook notification from my mom.  Here’s how the chat went:










Yup, my mom is awesome and adorable.

Okay, on I go to dinner.  Maybe I’ll even take a picture of it!

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