More apples!

24 Oct

So, we’re making another batch of applesauce tonight.  To mix with the Winesapp apples we picked up in Rhode Island, I headed to our local orchard (Apple Hill Orchard, to be exact – they are awesome!) to pick up some others.

I had just been there once before in the summer to pick blueberries, so I was not aware of the wonders I was about to see.

Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures.

I’ll let the Google Chat message that I sent to Paul when I got back describe my excitement:
me:  oh man, i got 1/2 bushell of honeycrisps for sauce (it was only $13!!!) and then i filled up a small bag with a mix of all of these fancy apple varieties i’ve never heard of!
i’m eating one and it tastes like an apple pear
i left the big bag in my car, maybe you can get it when you get in

The “apple pear” apple was a Hudson’s Golden Gem.  Woah.  I am having an apple party.  All alone, right now.

Anyway, that’s all.  I don’t really have much for you right now, other than to let you know that I am moving my blog to a less poop-centric name!  Stay tuned!

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