Hey, I’m back! And less of a person!

10 Oct

Hey!  By now, it’s not unusual that I disappear.  But this time it was not for lack of trying!

It’s been four and a half weeks since I had surgery on my arms, and recovery has not been the most fun thing.  The worst part: not being able to cook.  Nope, no lifting heavy pots and pans, no chopping, no stirring.  It has been very sad.

But I’m back, baby!

My arms are healing nicely, and I’ve been doing some cooking.  Not really making any grand experiments in the kitchen, but I have been cooking some other blogger’s food.

On Sunday night, Paul and I had just gotten back from a weekend wedding in Cape Cod/Rhode Island.  It was a very nice wedding, but we were tired.  There was no grocery shopping to be done.  Paul had a cold, and I had arm ouchies.  Hey, but I had everything on hand to make this Crispy Tofu Sandwich with Sweet Potato-Pumpkin Spread, which was delicious.  I don’t even like sandwiches.  I like the idea of them, sure.  But I either feel like I’m eating too much or too little food.  This was a good balance, though.  I made some changes and dry-fried the tofu, and doing a spice rub, along with some other changes.  Oh hell, maybe I’ll play around with it a little more and post about what I did.  That’s the point of a blog, right?

And on Monday, we decided on pizza night.  Usually we make them on whole wheat pitas, but the pita bread we use is high in sodium.  I’m trying to keep my sodium on the lower side, as I’m still having a little swelling from my surgery.  Instead of a salty pita, I opted for a potato!  I used Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s recipe as a guideline.  Best pizza, maybe ever.  This is totally my go-to pizza crust from now on.  Susan V’s blog is still one of my favorites ever.

Tuesday night I cooked from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s awesome cookbook, Appetite for Reduction.  I made the Tamarind BBQ Tempeh & Sweet Potatoes.  I’ve cooked this before, but it might be my favorite way to make tempeh.

And now, I have a pot of pinto beans cooking away on the stove.  I’ll let you know what I make with them!

As an aside, I’ve been thinking of renaming my blog.  Before it was Poop will never not make me laugh, but it might be keeping my blog from getting non-poop joke attention.  But if I change the name of the blog, will I be lost in a sea of post-hipster vegan bloggers?  I don’t want to be lost at sea.

I’ll think about it.  Until then.  Bean time.


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