15 Jul

What a nice and relaxing weekend!

It all started on Friday.  Paul came home from work and we headed to the pool.   He’s teaching me how to freestyle swim properly, and how to rotary breathe.  It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it looked!  I practiced for a bit, then we just splashed around for a while.  What a hot summer!

We watered our garden, ate homemade burritos and then went out to the movies.  The independent theater near us does a random movie every Friday, and they were showing The Innkeepers, so we went to that.  It was funny, since the theater only has two theaters, they show their special Friday night movie in a little conference room.  Everyone there sits in banquet chairs in a semi-circle around a projection screen.  I was a little bit put off at first, but it was a really neat experience.  It was almost like watching a movie with friends except everyone there was a stranger.  And The Innkeepers is an excellent ghost story.  It struck me as a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark type story.  I left with a smile on my face.  Then we came home, drank beers, and played board and card games until 3am.  We are such boring, old farts.

Saturday was also fun!  We got up, at breakfast, and headed to Manchester.  I needed a new pair of running shoes, so we went to Runner’s Alley.  Paul’s never gotten shoes at a real running store (and runs in New Balance shoes, which amazes me because New Balance always feels like alien shoes on me), so he wanted to see what it was all about.  I ended up trading my Mizuno Inspires in for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s.  I think they’re similar to the Inspires, but I’m about to give them a good 5 mile test run in a couple of hours.  I also picked up a foam roller, which feels amazingly good and hurty on my muscles.

Then we headed to Hooksett, to go to the 2012 Southern New Hampshire Brewer’s Fest!  We like beer, and I used to drink too much of it.  So on a weekly basis, I pretty much only drink MGD64, but if I’m treating myself, I’ll go for something a little more heavy.

So we spent about an hour and a half sampling various beers in 90-something degree heat.  Most of them were not summer beers!  I wouldn’t normally be drinking a stout on a hot summer day, but I really enjoyed Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero.  I wish I had been able to try the other beers they had to offer, because they seemed like a solid brewery.

We also tasted a nice Maibock from The Prodigal Brewery, and a ginger wheat ale from 7 Barrel Brewery.  I am very regretful that I didn’t manage to get a taste of the Rhubarb Wit from Throwback Brewery.  I can’t believe I forgot about them!  I’m going to remain hopeful that our beer store carries it.

Also, a nice gent from the Woodstock Inn Brewery took this picture:

Thanks dude!  Also, nice brown ale!

There was food at the ‘fest, too.  Sadly, all of it had meat and/or dairy.  People seemed to be enjoying it, though!

And now, to conclude our weekend, a hot and humid 5-mile run!


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