Vegan Corn Chowder

13 Aug

It’s the middle of August, and it’s starting to feel like the end of September.  Mix that with daily rains/thunderstorms/generally miserable weather and you’ve got a perfect time for soup.  You’ve also got global warming, but that’s just a myth, right?  Riiiight.

Anyway, soup!

I had the best corn chowder ever in Quincy Market, but I don’t even want to know how much cream went into it.  But it was so great.  I haven’t made a creamy soup since giving up dairy products, so I’ve been a little suspicious of how it might come out.  But Bret and I were looking through his copy of Vegan with a Vengeance and saw a recipe for corn chowder.  So I had to make it.

Holy cow, what an awesome soup.  It calls for a mix of spices that I wasn’t sure would go well together, but they did.  It’s a spicy soup, if you don’t like spicy so much you might want to go with one jalapeno instead of two.  I might have been a little heavy on the cayenne, too.  But it’s just another reason to get this cookbook and hug it and sleep with it and make the recipes in it.


– Ellen


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