Ellen’s Birthday Pizza at Antipasto’s

12 Aug

So I heard some good things about this Antipasto’s place from Ellen and now I see why. It’s pretty rare to find an honest to goodness vegetarian restaurant outside of NYC. Ithaca has two so seeing what Albany had to offer was sweet, and man – Italian. They have vegan raviolis and a totally sweet wine list and pizza. I wanted pizza. So we got pizza.

After a whole lot of agonizing over toppings we went with veggie sausage, whole garlic cloves, oil-cured olives, and… I can’t remember. Mushrooms?

Not the best picture but it was dark. My only complaint, and this is not even a big deal, is that their soy cheese contains casein. Oh well. They have plenty of other things I can eat on their pizza, and man was it good pizza.


It was super nice of Bret to take me out for a birthday dinner after he had already made me a birthday pie. But I mean, we had to do something while the pie cooled down.

Brian was our waiter again and that guy is just so happy. He was patient while we mulled over topping choices (the fourth one was hot peppers!). It was a bit of a bummer that their soy cheese isn’t vegan, but I really like pizza without any sort of cheese substance so it was a-okay. Antipasto’s makes me want to learn how to make a really good pizza dough because theirs is so good.

Antipasto’s and Bret make for total awesomeness. Yay!

– Ellen


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