Simple Stir Fry

11 Aug

Stir fry is kind of a staple around these parts. Sometimes it might be all I make for dinner in a week. Fast! Simple! Tasty! Inexpensive! Here’s how I do it.


1 tablespoon peanut oil or canola oil

a dribble of sesame oil

a dribble of chili oil

like a quarter of a block of tofu, cut into little squares

about half a dozen broccoli spears

a decent sized leaf of nappa cabbage or bok choy

1 cup brown or white rice


Put all the oil in your wok or whatever you’re using and heat it up hot hot hot. I put it on high heat. Drop the tofu in there. Careful, this will probably splatter. Cook your tofu until it’s nice and brown and has a chewy texture. Don’t let it burn!

Turn the heat down. to about medium. Add in your broccoli and your cabbage. The broccoli should turn bright green and the cabbage should get soft. Maybe even a little slimy. Have about a cup of leftover rice in your fridge? Throw that in there too. Add soy sauce to taste while the wok is still hot.

If you just cooked some fresh rice, no big deal. Just serve the stir fry over top of it. Each time I make this, I make two cups of rice and store the other cup in the fridge. Then the next day the leftovers go into whatever I’m making.

This makes about enough for one person. Easy enough to double up or whatever.

Inspiration for this came from my friend Ben’s fried rice recipe.



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