Birthday Dinner at Antipasto’s – Clifton Park, NY

31 Jul

There are a handful of decent vegetarian restaurants in the Albany/Saratoga area, and a lot of places where you can get food that’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans without having to eat a plate of lettuce. But there is one restaurant that makes me happier than anything because they have a huge menu of mostly Italian type foods that are vegetarian or vegan or vegetarian and can be made vegan just by asking. I believe they also offer some meaty things if you’re averse to eating things other than meat but I’ve never been there with a person that’s ordered meat.

Oh yeah, this restaurant is called Antipasto’s, and it’s in Clifton Park, NY. It’s a teeny tiny place that’s hidden by a Price Chopper and a Pizza Hut.

I’ve been going there for my birthday for a few years now, and this year my mommy took me there because she likes their food a whole bunch too. It’s not somewhere I go a lot because the food is a little on the pricey side. But for special things it’s just fine, and they have a great wine list too.

We drove through a crazy thunderstorm to get to the restaurant, but it stopped when we got there. Brian was our server and he’s waited on me there before. He’s a really happy guy, so I was glad to see him. He informed us that the soup of the day was a chilled cantaloupe and peach soup with mango and mint. My jaw dropped. I asked him if there was cream in it and he said no but went in the back to make sure it was vegan. It was, so I ordered a cup of it.

It was really sweet and really fruity and I imagined eating it with waffles.  It’s now my goal to make a chilled canteloupe soup and eat lots of it.

Antipasto’s has a menu of appetizers, salads, vegetarian dishes, pasta dishes with a load of different sauces, and a pizza menu.  I don’t eat pizza very often, unless I’m making it myself.  However, I need some pizza dough practice before my own pizza gets unleashed on the public.  This restaurant knows how to make a cheeseless pizza.  I ordered a four cut Ultimate Cheeseless pizza, which consists of their pizza base, a tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, artichoke hearts, broccoli, white beans, and whole cloves of roasted garlic.

It was dark in there, another storm was coming while we ate.  Of course it held off until we got back into the car, though.

But the pizza.  Gorgeous.  One slice was more than enough for me, and I shared some with my mom and took the rest home with me.  They have a huge list of possible toppings for their pizza, and I would like to try something with eggplant and pine nuts sometime.  Mm!

Revisiting my birthday dinner makes me want to go back there now.  Right now!

– Ellen


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