Smoky Split Pea Soup

30 Jul

So I’m back to a scheduled planned out meal thing and I’m making healthy food and kicking ass and being awesome. It’s swell. On Sunday or Monday, depending, I cook up a big cast-iron kettle of soup. This week? Split pea!

I’ve never made split pea soup before. Ever. So I used my brain to imagine up a recipe. It’s loosely based on a potato soup that my grandmother used to make, but with split pea instead of bacon and liquid smoke to add in the smoky flavor. It turned out pretty fantastic.


1 um bag of split peas – I can’t remember how big it was, but it was one of those small plastic bags of dried you can find at the grocery store

3 potatoes about medium-sized, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

1 vegetable boullion cube

1 tsp liquid smoke

enough water to cover everything and then a bit more

salt and pepper to taste


Okay, that’s not my best ingredient list ever, but I wasn’t tracking my measurements. Basically I chopped everything up, threw it in the kettle with water, added liquid smoke and salt and pepper, and then let it cook over medium heat until all the vegetables were soft. Once that happened, I dumped it into a blender to make it thick. If you want a more brothy soup only blend a cup or two. If you want a thick soup that will turn into something resembling mashed potatoes, blend the whole batch (that’s what I did), but not pureeing it completely. You’ll want the occasional chunk of carrot or celery or potato left in there.

But you probably don’t need too much guidance here. Soup is eee-zeeeee.



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