Black Bean Noodles at Aja Noodles: Fairport, NY

24 Jul

So, pretty regularly I wish I lived in a city or country were there were noodle carts everywhere. I blame all the Chinese and Japanese cinema I watch. Oh, and Blade Runner. So when I drove past this place looking for a restaurant to eat at, I had to go. Had to. Had to. Had to.

The menu was limited but that wasn’t bad. It was what I think they call “Asian fusion” so there were Thai basil noodles and Japanese miso noodles and Chinese black bean noodles (which is what I got) and there were soups and some rice dishes but who goes to a noodle place and doesn’t eat noodles? Sick people. Crazy people!

For eight bucks I got this huge bowl! And they had sriracha at the table so I could spicy it up. It was totally the best.

So the vegetarian and vegan options were kind of limited here. Some dishes just straight-up had fish oil in them and there was no getting it out, and more than a few had egg, but since it was a small menu in the first place and there were still 2-3 noodle dishes to pick from and they all sounded fantastic I wasn’t disappointed.

I’d like to go there when me and Ellen and Molby go to Rochester to see the Melvins which is sooon. I’m order tickets today! Yeah!



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