12 Jun

Remember how I said I had money now and I was going to start cooking nice things and not just living on Big Lots’ jars of pickles and whatever I’ve had in the cupboard for the last year collecting dust? Okay, that didn’t really happen. I’m in a money squeeze, who knows when I’ll get out, and I haven’t been doing the best job of assembling real meals for myself. Lunch was shredded wheat and milk. Breakfast was shredded wheat and milk. Hmm.

But I have this bag of lentils, and Jeff won’t mind if I steal one of his onions, and oh I have some brown rice too. Holy crap! I can make mujadarrah! I discovered this recipe a long time back when I was in a similar low-budget situation with some random ingredients hanging around. Now, I don’t know if the way I make it resembles at all the authentic proper way of making it, but it tastes awesome.

I’m not going to give you a proper recipe because I was just winging it and there’s only a few ingredients but here’s what I did. I cooked a cup of brown rice and boiled a cup of lentils. In another pan I used some olive oil to fry up a whole sliced onion. Now, if I had it to do over again I’d use two. I cooked them until they were good and brown and some of the onions were even burnt a little. Then I took the rice and the lentils, put it in the skillet with the onions, and mixed it all up while still frying it on medium heat. I added a little more oil at the end, stirred it, and then seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste. Whoops! I forgot the garlic. I added in a couple cloves of minced garlic at the end here and fried it for another minute to let that cook a little bit, but I probably should have added it towards the beginning after the onions were translucent.

Hey! That was easy! And it was really tasty too. Some recipes add in spices at the end like cumin. I thought about it and thought it tasted just great without.



One Response to “Mujadarrah”

  1. energyanalysis June 12, 2008 at 1:48 pm #

    Man that totally looks tasty.

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