Aladdin’s Pignolia

5 May

So Friday night Brenna had a hankering for Aladdin’s and I had a hankering for pignolia. I haven’t had it in a long time but it’s this really tasty pasta that involves goat cheese, mushrooms, and pine nuts. It tends to be really, really salty though. I got it this time with lemon-pepper linguine and it was really good. The mushrooms are my favorite part of it. They’re marinaded in something and it makes them all full of yum. The cheese and the salt ended up doing me in, though, and made me a little sick but that’s because I don’t know when to stop eating. I ate the whole plate. Bad move, Bretster. Next time I need to show a litle restraint.

Oh and then we were waiting to pay for our check and apparently our server left and we sat there and sat there and sat there and then had to grab somebody. Oh! And we went on Slope Day which meant we were the only ones there who weren’t totally hammered. And then two guys in banana outfits walked by the window. Slope Day, in case you didn’t know which you probably didn’t, is Cornell’s pseudo-holiday where all the college students get totally hammered. On the drive there I saw two incredibly drunk guys carrying each other around. I was like, “What the eff? It’s like 5PM.” Then I remembered. “Oh. Slope Day.”

We didn’t see anybody puke anywhere but there were absurd conversations going around us. Most of them were, “Jason was SO TRASHED,” stories. One girl was talking about how weird it was that her friend wouldn’t have sex with boys, and at another table a girl’s cell phone kept ringing and she’d answer it and say loudly, several times, “I’m at ALADDIN’S.”

The end.



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